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An Auto Repair Shop That’s Worth It's Salt

Between our decades of experience and passion for our trade, Engine Tech Inc is a name you can trust. For over 35 years, we’ve provided clients with auto repairs that are reliable, efficient, and satisfactory. We take pride in what we do, and at the heart of our operations lies customer care. When you partner with our mechanics, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’re working alongside trusted experts. Together, our mechanics boast more than 40 years of experience, which has earned us a distinguished position in our domain. For top-notch auto repairs that put a premium on safety and quality, enlist the help of our savvy mechanics.

Bernie Schrage: A Mechanic Of Unmatched Talent

Bernie Schrage, the owner, and leading mechanic developed a knack for auto repair early on. Bernie’s father, who was also a mechanic, taught him the ins and outs of this line of work. Bernie was so eager to get his career started that he expedited his high school years. To further himself as a mechanic, Bernie enrolled in courses at a vocational school nearby. With his work ethic and innate skills, he soon found success in the auto repair industry. In 1993, Bernie brought Engine Tech Inc to life with help from his business partner and wife. Engine Tech Inc remains a reputable auto repair shop and will continue to under Bernie’s sound leadership.

Meet Our Employees

Bernie has been in the auto repair industry his entire life and has over 40 years in the trade. He grew up hanging around M&M Auto Service, a family business that his dad started back in the 1950s. He was fixing cars before he was legally able to drive them. He even hurried up and graduated high school early so he could get to work full time at Dads shop. As a mechanic he learned early on that you never can know enough. As motor vehicles became more & more technical he had to also. He took Courses at the General Motors Training Center in Tarrytown N.Y. And was certified in Engine Construction, Electrical Systems, Automotive Brake Systems. He’s an ASE Certified Technician and also received training and certification through the NYS Automotive Technical Training Program. He opened Enginetech in 1993 with his business partner and wife Darlene. They have nine children and have lived in the area their entire life.